A Flash by Chris Mansel

No Image, No Direction

Featured Image and Text by Chris Mansel

He wandered into a large room through a side-door. Immediately he could sense that he shouldn’t be there. He overheard a man on the phone while several men shuffled about in matching suits and people at desks typed away with one man rushing about to check their work. The room was deep in the usual high rise, nothing special about it. The sign out front said, “Chinery.” But as soon he as caught sight of the man on the phone and before he was seen by the men in the suits he knew this was no ordinary building.

The man was the president-elect and he was on the phone with a leader he couldn’t and wouldn’t even name in his own mind. Their discussion was about warfare and it scared him to death, considering. He just hoped it wouldn’t spread to Twitter as these things similarly do. The conversation soon turned to riots and the fall of empires. As he moves along the wall hoping to not be noticed he saw that the president-elect was reading from a prepared text. He immediately thought in his head that he was watching a devil speak of divinity every time he heard him speak of promises.

If you’re at sea you will swear that a lifeboat will leak as much as it needs to. Memories will spear and disappear as they need to, much like what he saw in that room. He made it back through the door but not before being noticed. One of the suits saw him edging along the wall and grabbed his arm. He explained that he was looking for the Down with Hillary room and the suit struck a smile and let him go.

He walked out of the building and to a bar down the street to stop his hands from shaking.


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