Where One State Ends and Another Begins: a Primer by James Cervantes

Political L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E  by James Cervantes!

Art Credits: Chris Mansel

A Primer

Headlines issue asymmetrically from beneath the dome,
from the symmetrical rotunda where suits circle
clockwise and counterclockwise, up and down stairs,

the congress of suit and constituent, wholly or in part
duly elected from across a blank, white map that shall
be colored so a state of one color shall not adjoin another

of that color, its people advised of where one state ends
and another begins, calling oneself Californian or Texan,
though not voter, as one who qualifies there may not

qualify here, the gold standard being the only standard
and the reason an ingot becomes a bill, becomes a coin
of the realm, a shoot, a daily, a trailer gone viral.


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